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Fascia & Nervous System Manual Therapy and Massage


Is Fascial and Nervous System Oriented Manual Therapy and Massage right for me or my child?  Have you or your child experienced chronic overactivation of your body's nervous system that makes it impossible to feel relaxed? Do you experience on-going tightness and stiffness in the body regardless of how much stretching, exercise, or training you do? Do you feel weakness or disconnected to part of your body or parts of it??  Are you looking for a more integrated approach that helps you feel more embodied and connected? We can help.

What's Included:   We will provide you or your child with specialized manual therapy and therapeutic massage that enhances fascial system health and helps rebalance the nervous system so you feel and move better. We use fascia and nervous system oriented techniques that stimulate your fascial network in ways that help you get back to states where feeling, healing, and integration are most optimal. We will help you to shift out of states of stiffness and contractedness that occurs from muscle overuse, ongoing chronic stress, and trauma.

Techniques that we use are different than spa and massage therapy and include joint mobilizations, sensory activation and desensitization techniques, active release techniques, trigger point release, soft tissue massage, and fascial release. These are used with a focus to strengthen your immune system and improve circulation, posture, flexibility, and range of motion. Therapeutic massage and manual therapy also helps remove distracting symptoms and sensations that interfere with healthy body movement. When you take part in regular bodywork your mood and emotions also benefit and you feel more energized.

At each session, we will work on areas that concern you and can help you identify areas that may be "stuck" due pain, contracted tissue, or an over-active nervous system. We will help you to reconnect to areas of the body that may have gotten disconnected from conscious awareness due to excessive periods of stress, injury, or trauma. Most importantly, we will teach you at the end of each session how you ca easily create the same experience at home to revitalize and re-stimulate your fascial and nervous system in a way that supports continued tissue remodeling, growth, and performance.

All our sessions are polyvagal-informed and allow for full-body approach. We also offer wellness packages and discounted rates for those who'd like to engage in a more regular routine of therapeutic massage and manual therapy for themselves of child. 

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