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Community Programs and Classes

Group Lecture

Our Services:  Understanding the importance of self-care and how to leverage the body's own self-recovery process is not only something we share with those that visit with us, but it is also something we love to bring into our community. As greater difficulty in accessing high quality and professional care becomes more of the norm in our healthcare system, we are excited to offer cost-effective educational programs and hands-on classes that teach groups how to directly connect with the body's self-healing ad recovery capacities within your own businesses, school, or organization. 

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We work with students and professionals of all ages and disabilities and are able to tailor our programs to workplace, academics, arts, or therapeutic/medical needs. Whether you are a local small-business with five employees or a student body of 35, our classes and presentations are centered around helping individuals understand what they can do right now to improve health and empowering groups with easy to learn self-care techniques on how to take part in this unique and individualized process.
We often find these classes helpful for individuals in helping to better manage things such as: work stress, pain, self-regulation, mind-body connection, relationships, better sleep, greater movement freedom, and overall general well-being. We also present easy to use strategies and ideas on how to start implement many of these tools and techniques into the busy everyday lifestyle.

At this time, we are able to provide both onsite and virtual presentations with live demonstrations and opportunities where groups can take part first hand trying out these self-recovery and self-care strategies and techniques. These presentations and classes can be done in single session program or set up weekly depending on the organizations interests and needs. 

Please reach out to let us know how we can get started on developing a new fun and exciting program that can bring greater health and wellness right to where you and your groups are.

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