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Interpretive Movement Program for Kids

An Nature-Based Interactive Movement Literacy Program for all ages and conditions 


Is Interpretive Movement Map right for my Child? 

 Are you currently looking for a fun, outdoor, adventure--based model where you child can learn about how their body works while enjoying exercise, and playing in nature?  A model that familiarizes and explores with your child not one form of movement specialty training, but all the ways a body CAN experience and create movement and the relationship this process has with with nature?  Are you looking for a program that is designed to help you child see their strengths, preferences, and movement gifts so that they can truly optimize their growth and development?   If so, then this is their place.  

What's Included:  This program is designed to teach to children the fundamental tools and skills they need to comfortably, safely, and independently work with concepts of self-care, self-organization, and movement performance as they grow and develop.  This program is inspired by biotensegrity concepts and polyvagal theory, and is developed for all levels and physical conditions, and is specifically geared towards children and families who are motivated, love the outdoors, and are looking for a program that helps build their child's resilience and self-awareness.  Best of all, because most of this learning has the option of taking place outside, nature becomes the movement dojo. 

So what is an Interpretive Movement Map:  An interpretive movement map is essentially a story.  A story of who your child is and exposes what their relationships are with both the sensory and movement world together.   By following the paths that twist, turn, and climb through our 16-acre property (literally), your child will be exposed to a series of fun mini lessons that teach them how to use their smart listening skills, intelligent hands, and clever movement in ways that you just won't find elsewhere.

Our ultimate goal is to help your child begin to develop an exciting relationship with movement that allows them to see it as a language, a friendly and supportive communication system, that they learn to interact, play, and ultimately create with.  In this place the body can be experienced as a tool that supports their development and goals as well as be their ally simultaneously. Through this process, your child will familiarize themselves with their own movement strengths, interests, boundaries, limitations, and preferences, all while enjoying and playing with the different shapes, smells, colors, and contours that nature has to offer.  All of this, through the influential lens of a biotensegral model that supports integration, creativity, , and self-organization.  

If you're still not sure this option is right for you, or would like to find out more about what we can offer you or someone you care about, just ask.  We'd love to answer any questions you may have :).  



Initial 80 minute Evaluation and Consultation (includes 1st session):  $105

Session:  $75 per 50 min. session

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