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NeuroFitness For Children and Adults

Fitness Training For The Body's Nervous & Sensory Systems

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Is NeuroFitness Training Right For Me or my Child?   

Are you looking for a fitness routine that focuses more on nervous system and how to strengthening. Do you want a program that specializes in multisensory training and incorporates ALL of the body's senses?  Are you looking for creative ways to simulate your mind while you help restore and rewire your nervous system for better health and performance?


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What the Nervous and Sensory System?

The Nervous System, is an old friend and has evolved over hundreds of millions of years to where it is now. It is the system in charge of coordinating action and sensory information that transmits information to and from parts of the body.  All of our senses, like smell, touch, taste, vestibular, hearing, and sight are all part of our nervous system.  Many of these sensory systems are also connected by cranial nerves that run from your brain to specific areas of head, face, neck and trunk that allow us to take in information from our outside our body and in environment and bring it inward for more accurate interpreting.


Even though these sensory systems are often viewed as separate from one another, they are responsible for the sound development and health of our movement based systems. When they don't work well, our health as well as other systems (especially our movement system) begin to have problems.  Just like we train our muscles and strengthen our bones, we can now use neuroplasticity concepts (how the brain wires and fires together) to train the nervous system in very fun and creative ways that help build nervous system flexibility, adaptability, and resilience. Having a well tuned nervous system help us feel more, move easier, and connect better with the world around us. 


How is NeuroFitness Training Different From Conventional Fitness Training?

NeuroFitness training targets your brain and senses in ways that makes the fitness and movement experience richer and more colorful.  Research shows that in order to create strong movement, we must first create strong sense of feeling and awareness.  Even though we interact with most of our senses daily when we taste our food, listen to our friend tell us an exciting story, or look at our long list of mail, we often do many of the same things and do not specifically train these senses or combine them in our exercise and fitness training. Where may programs focus on training only the muscular system and through copying movement only, we show you how to use your senses in ways so you can experience a whole new way to train your brain and body health.  



Components we use in NeuroFitness: 


  • Vestibular & Balance

  • Eye Tracking, Color, & Gaze

  • Hearing & Listening

  • Body Sensing & Mapping

  • Proprioception & Interoception

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Mindfulness

  • Taste Differentiation

  • Voice Pitch & Prosody

  • Fascia Stimulation

  • Cranial Nerves Stimulation

  • Multimodal Sensory Experiences

Image by Hal Gatewood

More Benefits of NeuroFitness:

Along with nervous system enhancement, rich sensorimotor experience, and cretivity, Neurofitness training because of it's deeply rooted connections with the fascial system, also has the ability to help change how we perceive and work with chronic pain. It can help manage or reduce symptoms often caused by sensory loss or imbalances and central nervous disturbances.  


NeuroFitness is also very fun to learn and can provide knowedge about your body in ways that other training cannot. For all of our programs, we also include training in self-regulation and polyvagal theory so individuals can feel safe and in control at all times so they can explore and bring their creativity in movement and feeling to new more lively levels.  Many of the neuroplasticty concepts that we use can easily be applied to other training programs like Yoga, Personal Training, Pilates, Running, etc. 

Training your Nervous System is a fairly new way to look at fitness training, however, its someting we hve been doing  to our fitness and medical field, but is already beginning to show strong promise as something that will be sticking around for time to come given it's ability to help maintain and enhance health and performance at all levels of our body. We love fascia and are excited to share the stories that continue to be told by those, especially children ad families, who bring fascia fitness into their lives. Please reach out, let us know how we can help you get started becoming more connected with your body's fascia system through training!

Through specific exercises and techniques that target your nervous system, sensory system, and cranial nerves, you will gain knowledge about your nervous system and how it works.  This helps to a nervous system that is stronger, more resilient, and more accurate to interpreting the sensations of the world around it. Nervous system changes can often be seen in as little as 6 weeks making this type of training extremely easy to see enhancement and results. Principles that are learned can be incorporated into any existing training program such as yoga, running, personal training, Pilates, etc. and complements these types of movement based activities quite well. We offer consulting, program design, and personalized one-to-one facia fitness training to all individuals at different fitness levels, including sports, artists, and special populations with chronic medical conditions.

Image by Sharon Pittaway
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