Traumatic Release Exercises (TRE)
Finally, A Self-Help Technique That Works Directly and Immediately With Stress, Tension, and Trauma

What is TRE and How Does It Work?  TRE consists of a series of seven unique exercises that were created by Dr. Bercelli, an international expert in the areas of trauma and conflict resolution, to evoke the body's natural shaking and vibrating process (or for kids their self-wiggling mechanism).   This method was developed specifically to help individuals release deep patterns of tension created in the body during specific traumatic events as well as from the accumulation of ongoing stress or anxiety in life one may experience.  It helps calm the nervous system down, activate the parasympathetic (rest and digest) response, and helps to bring ones body into a more natural balance.  

TRE is considered a "bottom-up" supported approach (different from other "top down" forms of movement training like Yoga and Fitness Training where we often tell our body how to move to feel better and/or use cognitive ideas to create change).  TRE's ability to work at the mind/body's lower subconscious levels directly allows access to evoke the more natural and spontaneous movements that are able to remove deep unwanted tensional patterns in tissue that no longer serve the body's needs.  That's right, your body can do this on it's own when it is taught how to in safe environments naturally.

The process (which often can be taught to most people in a single session) helps teach a child, adult, couples/partners, or group how to trust their intuition, let go, and use this unique natural process to better self-sooth and work directly with unwanted tension, stress, and trauma in their body.  Where exercise and stretching work at more superficial levels and is often limited to more superficial tensions, the TRE process can allow you and your child the ability for the body to go deeper and directly access areas of yourself where chronic stress, tension, and trauma often can remain hidden so it can create resolution and heal.  Through this process that genetically exists in all of us, the body is able to reestablish a newly integrated and reorganized connection that is unique to itself, one that is often more in balance with the present, and represents a truer authentic way of interacting with the environment surrounding.   


For parents and children, this can be a wonderful mechanism to introduce to your child at an early age as well as share with them along their development into adulthood.  Many who are highly active or work in high stress environments have found use of TRE right after to also help immensely with allowing a discharge of accumulated stress that once had to be carried around, ultimately developing a new relationship with how we can manage stress.  There are also many benefits to practicing TRE together and in small groups, so be sure to share with your friends and family.  It  is taught globally in many countries of the world, is research supported, and can be a helpful and complementary self-care tool for individuals of all ages, making it wonderful and effective tool that can be use throughout ones life.

Benefits of TRE:  Less worry and anxiety, mental clarity, reduced muscular pain, increased flexibility, greater emotional resilience, decreased symptoms of trauma, healing of old injuries, less anxiety surrounding serious injuries, reduction of PTSD symptoms, more energy and endurance, reduced relationship conflict, less workplace stress, and better sleep.  ​

TRE is not a replacement for mental health or talk therapy, however, for those that do not find talk therapy effective and are in need a more movement based approach to help address stress, tension, and trauma conflicts, this method can be highly effective in helping for some.  It is encouraged for those whom are being currently treated for with a mental health condition to consult with their doctor prior to working with a provider.   


TRE is also not a therapy but is used within the professional scope of those whom are certified TRE providers.  All training with TRE is facilitated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and can be facilitated at the skill level and cognitive and developmental levels of individual, child, or group.  TRE can also be taught on site in person or through telehealth options at your home. 

  • Help your child to move more spontaneously and exploratorily by connecting and playing with fundamental principles of movement that reflect the structure of natural world around them in areas of:
    • Push
    • Pull
    • Harmony and Interconnectedness
    • Shape Changes
    • Oscillations and Vibrations
    • Spirals
    • Auxeticity​​​​​

Happy Shaking and Wiggling

Services we provide to:​

  • Private on-site and in person or telehealth availability

  • Individual One-on-One Trainings

  • Children and Adult Trainings (often taught separately)

  • Collegiate Programs and Workshops

  • K-12 Programs for Teachers and Students

  • Healthcare Providers Presentations and Trainings

  • Athletic Teams Trainings

  • Musician/Artist Groups

  • Couples/Partners and Family training

  • Special Populations

  • Personal Small Group


Sliding Scale Costs:

Session:  $95-125 for 80-90 min. session

Additional Sessions: $60-85 for 50 min