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Sensorimotor Wandering

Discover the Health Benefits of Wandering Around AGAIN

Wandering Traveler

Is "Sensorimotor Wandering" Right for Me or My Child?  Has there been a history of injury or trauma that has left you or your child's body in a state of dysregulation, confusion, or with sensory or motor loss or difficulties?  Does your body move involuntary without you intentionally moving it or does movement just feel "off" or uncoordinated at times?  You may benefit from our sensorimotor programs. 

What is "Sensorimotor Wandering:"   The term sensorimotor system was adopted by at the Foundation of Sports Medicine Education and Research workshop in 1997 to describe the "sensory, motor, and central integration and processing components involved in maintaining joint homeostasis during bodily movements." The system is highly complex and also considered to be the first developmental stage a child goes through to learn about itself in it's development according to Jean Piaget’s theory of child development .


Therefore, "sensorimotor wandering" is a new term we use to describe the process by which the body uses whole-body spontaneous movements as an infant to properly mature its sensorimotor system to control muscles, movement, and coordination - all before voluntary movement and without explicit purpose or goals attached. 

How Do We Help Your Body To Reconnect With Sensorimotor Wandering? Techniques that we use to help individuals reconnect to this early process in development are ones we are all familiar with, however, where it is different is why we are using them. Where everything we do is goal oriented in our field, this can negatively influence accessing 


With our hands on techniques, we will help you to experience these spontaneous movements through helping your body find movements of ease with subtle resistance and input brought into your nervous system. As we listen to your fascia, we respond to your body by directly supporting your unconscious movements movement so that you can easily overcome postural tone and engage more intuitively with these movements directly. 


With our hands-off approach, we use cues and guidance strategies to help you work and respond with your fascia and nervous system. Through the use of gravity, body feedback, and in the moment body responses through movement, we will help you create greater support and ease through your movement in order to perceive and work with spontaneous movements more easily.


We use both of these techniques to help your body reach greater states of parasympathetic activity, or restful states, that allow you to receive the benefits of working with your own natural spontaneous movement process.

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What Are The Benefits of Fascial Unwinding?  Fascial Unwinding and activating your body's spontaneous movements involve working directly with your Fascial System, Central Nervous System(CNS), and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) simultaneously. Fascial Unwinding works amazingly on its own, but also as a complementary technique when combined with other approaches such as physical therapy, sports training, and other top-down training strategies. Because the Fascial System, CNS, and ANS are all involved together in complex relationships that help with total body communication, development, and self-regulation, you can expect to see changes throughout the body that include things like:

  • Reduced Nervous System Stress and Muscular Tension

  • Better Management of Symptoms

  • Improved Emotional Regulation

  • Greater Tissue Subtly & Extensibility

  • More Supportive Posture

  • Improved Sleep

  • Reduction of Pain

  • Improvement in Posture

  • Better Sleep

  • Greater Body "Lightness"

  • Greater Movement Ease

  • Groundedness

  • Enhanced Proprioception/Balance

  • Enhanced Body Awareness

What Sensations or Movements May I Experience in a Fascial Unwinding Session?  Fascial Unwinding is unique to each person and give the uniqueness of each persons body and history, there are many sensorimotor experiences that can be experienced. Because Fascial Unwinding is also a "alive" and in-the-moment experience, many sensations when attention is brought to them may lead or unlock other bodily movements and sensations. For many, these surprises, or what we call emergent sensations, is one of the hallmarks of this work and which may people come to love about this self-discovery work.  They include but are not limited to:

  • Gentle Tremoring

  • Involuntary Muscular Contractions

  • Shaking

  • Rhythmical Movements and Oscillations

  • Stretching 

  • Spiraling Movements

  • Unique Body Shapes

  • Vocalizations

  • Memory Recall

  • Heightened Emotions

  • Self-Mobilizations and Manipulations

  • Muscular Tension Release

  • Heaviness & Lightness

  • Warmth & Cold Changes

  • Imagery

  • Sense of Support or Strength

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Our Intention With Your Attention:  Even though there are many benefits associated with both fascial unwinding and engaging with your body's spontaneous movements, our intention throughout the entire process is to help support your body's intuitive sense of knowing and help guide your fascial system towards a greater area of ease and balance. Helping each individual to further develop their own self practice that guides them to discover and further explore their inner sensations without being preoccupied with expectations and end results is largely our focus through each treatment. 

Fascial Unwinding is a special and unique process that can be learned and used by children and adults during any point in their life for health benefits. Where some of our patients feel they have run out of tools, or where therapy has not gotten them to where they need to go, we often find Fascial Unwinding to offer a different and more personalized whole body healing approach.


We combine Fascial Unwinding with many of our other services including Manual Therapy, SSP, Physical Therapy, and Neuroplasticity Training. It is a process that continues to unfold and offers those that use it a sensorimotor experience like no other. For many of our patients, it has become a routine tool they use, and continue to use in the way of self-care and better body balance. If you are interested in finding out more, please drop us a line.  We'd love to chat more with you on how we can help you to bring the health benefits of associated in Fascial Unwinding and working with spontaneous movements into you or your child's life. 

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