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TRE For Individuals














What is TRE? TRE teaches you a simple technique that can immediately be use to unlock the health benefits associated with interacting with your body's own unique spontaneous movements through a natural neurogenic tremoring process.  These movements your body creates are generated by the nervous system's reflex system and can be used directly to help the body recover, destress, and calm itself when needed.    


TRE helps with this reorganizing process in a "bottom-up" fashion and as a result works below the level of consciousness making it an effective tool for helping to address deeper underlying body problems that can go overlooked in traditionally based approaches and that can interfere with moving comfortably, mental clarity, and feeling your best.  With the rise in stress, fatigue, anxiety, pain, and demands that are sometimes placed on a body, TRE can help you to manage easier, discharge unnecessary muscular tensions, and help your body remain balanced during challenging and stressful times.   









Why TRE Works:   TRE can be used wherever you are because the movements are generated by you and can have substantial health benefitting effects with just a couple minutes of its use.   The spontaneous movements generated with TRE often help create a releasing of stored energy that offer not just a calming effect on the body, but also the mind following.  These movements can help identify and address hard to get to and often hidden muscular and fascial tensions, enhance recovery and sleep, reduce anxiety, and improve thought processing.  It is easy to use, requires no thinking, and only minimal physical effort to access. 


TRE technique can help you improve creativity and performance under pressure due to it's accessibility to "flow states" with continued usage and helps overall with self-regulation and stress management.  TRE also complements other "top down" cognitive-based movement practices that instruct movement such as physical therapy, yoga, Pilates, etc. offering a greater balance to be achieved and requires no modification or changing of your current movement training. 

TRE can be taught to children and adults, in small and large groups, helps promotes a cohesiveness and openness between participants and can be a helpful tool for dispute resolution (i.e. personal, corporate, and political communication).  Because it is based on natural physiological responses shared by all human begins, it is a wonderful tool that promotes connection through each individuals own unique practice. 


Individuals who wish to further personalize and develop their own unique study of working with their body's spontaneous movements, I offer 1:1 training as well as small group classes to help you keep flow and get the most out of this process.  

Contact us directly to find out more about how you can start working with the TRE process now here.


With permission from Richard Health/TRE Australia 


What Are People Experiencing and What Are The Benefits of TRE?


  • Better Management of Discomfort with it's ability to work more holistically and at multiple levels/areas of the body simultaneously to help the body heal more naturally

  • Clearer Mind States for avoiding burnout, fatigue, discomfort, and distractions that allows maintaining of focus through releasing of subconscious muscular tension

  • Rebalancing of the Neuromyofascial System below level of conscious awareness or control that allows discovery of ease and release of tension by "following" the body natural movements

  • Supportive Recovery following stressful encounters and traumatic events that often leave you feeling drained and disconnected you can recover in ways that lets your body rebalance, reconnect, and feel more supported immediately

  • Building Resilience by down-regulating the nervous system and switching off hypervigilance following stressful events

  • Strengthening Self-Regulation by developing greater capacity when working with challenging behaviors and unpredictable change outside your control that leads to stress and energy imbalances

  • Complement Treatments, Interventions, and Exercise such as counseling, cognitive-based therapies, mindfulness, bodywork, rehabilitation programs, and other movement arts like Yoga and Pilates

  • Improving Relationships by shifting the nervous system towards more safe, secure, and relational states you are able to be more present and offer more to those you care about 

  • Optimizing Performance that helps reduce fatigue, improve performance under pressure and tight schedules, and increase problem solving skills.


****Not all individuals are suitable for use of TRE.  TRE is not a replacement for therapy or other medical treatments.  Please consult with your healthcare professional prior to determine if TRE is appropriate for you.******

Conditions that I have worked with reporting benefit from using TRE:

Postural Imbalances

Temporal Mandibular Joint Problems and Teeth Grinding at Night (TMJ)

Chronic Migraines




Neck Pain/Lower Back Pain

Phantom Limb Pain Syndrome

Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity Amputations

Sensory and Processing Disorders

Cerebral Palsy 



Digestions Problems

Muscular Weakness 

Multiple Sclerosis


Lewy Body Dementia

Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic Problems

Autoimmune Disease

Neurological Disorders 

Chronic Pain


Downs Syndrome

Hypermobility Syndrome

Muscular Tension/Tightness

Restless Leg Syndrome

Pre-Surgery Preparation

Post-Surgery Recovery

Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions
Premature Infants and Neurodevelopmental Disorders



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