TRE For Musicians and Artists


Why Use TRE In Music and Artistic Training?  TRE helps teach you how to use your body's spontaneous movements to rebalance and harmonize the nervous system at its core level below the level of the conscious mind.   By learning to listen and following your body's natural movements in new and exciting ways the body is allowed to unfold a new unique and artistic story.  As a musician and artist, you know, this is the heart of where true performance, improvisation, and creativity lies which makes it a wonderful complementary tool to train with.  By learning how to intentionally evoke and follow your body's natural neurogenic tremoring process, this directly helps you to eliminate restrictive patterns and create greater freedom and ease in your body when playing and performing which ultimately results in spending more time enjoying and sharing the music you love.


By interacting and training with movement at lower subconscious levels, this not only helps with technique efficiency when practicing and performing, but it also helps you to more easily access your mind-body's "flow-state" and further develop that true self-expressiveness that is easily identified as your sound.  TRE supports and complements all other existing music and technique training types and approaches.  In addition, it helps improves sleep quality and helps reduce risk of injury from continuous and repetitive practice and performance.  




Why TRE Works for Musicians and Artists:   TRE can be used in about 5-10 minutes a few hours before playing/performing and immediately after following high level training or performance.  It is an easy to use technique when your energy levels are low or when you are feeling exhausted that helps with recovery.  TRE integrates easily into any musical instrument, voice, or exercise training program and can provide alternatives to body-awareness or static stretching static stretching thus allowing an musician and artist alternatives and more focused approaches to engaging and relaxing the neuromuscular system through use of spontaneous movements.   


TRE also helps reduce performance anxiety so you can access a more "clear-mind" states that you know is important for peak-performance with ease.   When used as a group, TRE also offers a cutting-edge neurobiological pathways for group bonding and collective cohesiveness that can enhance flow states and communications central to high level performance.  






What Are Musicians and Artists Experiencing and What Are The Benefits of TRE?


  • STRESS MANAGEMENT:  By releasing neuromuscular tension below the level of conscious control, TRE provides an additional body-based entry point to reduce stress and performance anxiety and improve performance under pressure.  It can also be used immediately following training to reduce unwanted stress and tension from being carried into next day training.

  • INJURY PREVENTION:  TRE allows your body to address in the moment needs and can help immediately reduce unwanted tension and soreness that sometimes develops from continuous training or back to back performances 

  • ENHANCEMENT MUSCLE MEMORY:  TRE works to help reveal chronic tension and stress patterns that sometimes can interfere with muscle memory, ultimately allowing you to perform with greater ease and movement efficiency

  • EXERCISE AND HEALTH:  TRE provides a unique and personalized way of spontaneously allowing your body to move so you discover healthy ways that often complement very well with other top down training models like strength and conditioning, pilates, yoga, and cardiovascular training.   

  • FLOW STATE  Entrain 'flow' state to help maintain focus, decrease distractions, and improve decision making and improvisational skill performance under pressure.  

  • PERFORMANCE RECOVERY:  Through down-regulating of the autonomic nervous system, TRE helps reduce training soreness and recovery times, improves heart rate variability, and offers additional alternative recovery training options

  • SLEEP:  TRE helps with immediate calming of the autonomic nervous system following long bouts of practicing and performances and can be used when lying in bed to improve sleep quality and assist with falling asleep so you can be well rested for next day performance and training.

  • SELF EXPRESSION:  TRE allows you to reach and explore depths of artist potential that sometimes are harder to get to with cognitive based training and can allow for a more authentic and true sound to emerge 

  • CREATIVITY:  Safely explore the unknown with your body's guidance and access and generate movements that inspire and support creativity in your music performance


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