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About Us and Our Approach



At Creative Pathways, we enjoy providing you and your family with the education, tools, and knowhow to safely and successfully treat yourself and your conditions.  We do this by tailoring our trauma-informed therapeutic and mind-body-based services in creative ways that focus on improving your wellbeing and helping reconnect you to what matters the most as a person and your passions, rather than focusing on managing symptoms alone.  

Through our unique neuroplasticity and mind-body therapy approach, we'll not only show you or your child how to creatively rewire the nervous system and nourish the body systems that may have gotten "stuck" due to pain, trauma, or "dis-ease," but we'll also show you how to keep your body in effective states that will continue to support healing, performance, and creativity throughout a child's development.  


We have special interest in working with community to connect to healthier states of well-being and truly enjoy educating children, families, and community about the unique potential for self-healing and recovery from an early age.  We specialize in offering some of those creative and "outside-of-the-box" treatments to more complex conditions and problems for not just children and families, but also athletes, artists, teachers, and schools as well.  

We are excited to share with the community a more holistic pathway that instead of focusing on solely fixing and curing, can also provide a more natural and empowering pathway towards recovery that gives you the knowhow, self-care tools, and "DIY" strategies to support the healthy lifestyle you know possible.


Henniker Site:  Our facility is located right off of Rt. 114 close to Pat's Peak in Henniker, NH.  Our clean and private 1,000 sq. ft is ADA accessible with easy access.  


We are also surrounded entirely by a 16-acres of forest filled with two miles of trails, rolling hills,  glacial erratic, gardens, and other cool outdoor fun stuff.  For those who love the outdoors, all of these things can be incorporated right into you or your child's therapy/fitness experience.  

Concord Site:  Coming Soon

Remote and In-home:  We also provide remote consulting and in-home services for those that may have difficulty traveling to us. 


We are aware that attending a session onsite and indoors may come with concerns and we want to let you know we understand and have taken measures to keep everyone as safe as possible.  


We are a fully vaccinated site, our foot traffic is very low, and we often only work with one individual/family at a time while on site.  We do also provide disposable masks for both you and attending family which we leave optional at this time.

We are excited to share with you the warmth, fun, and creativity that comes from our years of experience in the medical and wellness field.  We look forward to meeting you and seeing how we can be part of your wellness journey!  







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