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Long COVID & Post-COVID Conditions Recovery
Multi-System Approach for Children and Adults

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Is This Program Right for Me Or My Child?  Have you been diagnosed with Post-Covid-19 Syndrome? Did you or your child have Covid-19 and are now experiencing linger symptoms? Did you receive a vaccination or booster and since have experienced changes in your level of health? Are you still dealing with lingering fatigue, brain fog, or discomfort on a daily basis and struggling to get back to your old energetic self?  We specialize in addressing these symptoms and helping you to build up your immunity and health through a multi-system approach.

Recovery Following Covid-19:  Covid-19 is different from many other viruses with it's ability to affect multiple systems of the body simultaneously, as well remain active in those systems even long after you first are infected with the virus. In the very beginning, Covid-19 was considered only to be a respiratory condition like the flu, but through continued research and monitoring of individuals with Long Covid symptoms, we are finding the virus not only has the ability to leave behind chronic and difficult to manage symptoms, but it can also behave similar to that of a neurological disease.  


Nearly 1 in 5 individuals who have had Covid-19 are still reporting Post-Covid symptoms such as brain fog, fatigue, weakness, difficulty breathing, sleeping problems, GI issues, increased anxiety, nerve pain, depression, cardiac changes, inflammation, skin rashes, as well as many others. Even though these are some of the many common symptoms seen, both children and adults seem to have very unique symptom experiences that we are still learning about.


Long Covid symptoms are also not isolated to one system of the body and often can affect many systems at once. This has made managing symptoms and getting back life and work for some difficult or even impossible to do. For others, things like engaging in recreational activities, being social, or even trying to be more active is now a struggle. Treating individuals with Post-Covid-19 symptoms needs to not only be tailored specifically to the needs of each individual but also be able to address multiple areas of health and recovery simultaneously. For this reason, we have combined some of our best services into a program to help individuals treat and manage their Post-Covid-19 symptoms, boost their immunity, and rewire the brain and body in ways that helps recovery, performance, and overall health and well-being. 

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Long Covid Recovery Program:  Our recovery program focuses on several different areas of health and wellness that will provide you with the ability and self-care knowledge to enhance your immunity and restore health at a multi-system level. This program is highly adaptable to your condition and needs. It is highly flexible and designed to meet you at the level you are at, even if your symptoms change daily. In addition to our specialty services, we also focus on a few other key wellness areas that include breathwork, nutritional recommendations, sleep health, and how to strategically include active rest to your daily routine so you can get started on your new path to feeling better and completing recovery.  


Specifically we focus on the following components in our Long Covid-19 Recovery Program:


  • Pain & Symptom Management

  • Sleep & Recovery Schedule

  • Anti-inflammatory and Nutritional Recommendations

  • Fascia Health, Tissue Renewal, and Hydration

  • Breathwork & Mindfulness

  • Rebalancing of Nervous System Through Neurogenic Tremoring

  • Calming & Strengthening Vagus Nerve

  • Vestibular System & Functional Vision

  • Neuroplasticity Through Sensorimotor Reorganization

  • Muscular Strength Building

  • Cardiovascular Endurance & Resilience

  • Work Space Set Up & Work Efficiency 

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We Provide:

  • Free consultation to discuss your needs BEFORE you start

  • Onsite or remote services

  • 60 75 or 90 minute treatments available

  • Ongoing consultation availability throughout program

Other Symptoms That May Be Associated With Long Haul Covid-19:

  • Excess sweating

  • Getting full quickly

  • Heat intolerance

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Dizziness or fainting after standing

  • Cognitive dysfunction

  • Post-exertional malaise

  • Chest pain

  • Heart problems

  • Nerve pain

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Sleep difficulties

  • Depression

  • Neuropathic pain

  • Numbness

  • Chronic Tingling

  • Unusual sensations

  • Balance problems

  • Pain with light touch

  • Muscle cramping

  • Twitching

  • Reflex abnormalities

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