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Neurogenic Tremoring and TRE 

A New Approach to Self-Healing, Recovery, and Performance Training  













Most of us believe that shaking and tremoring are signs of anxiety, fear, or illness. But they can also be used as access points to heal patterns of trauma and allow recovery. In Traumatic Release Exercise, or TRE, we listen to and use our bodies' own neurogenic tremoring process to help rebalance the central nervous system and self-release myofascial tension in the body. This develops a more harmonious relationship between the fascia and nervous system, leading to often lessening of symptoms, ease of movement, and better wellbeing.  


All mammals and humans are already familiar with this natural process; examples are when your body intuitively shivers when you start to get chilly in order to warm yourself or when you shake your your hand after writing extensively for minutes on end without rests. In both cases, you are experiencing your body's instinctual capabilities. By using this unique and easy to learn technique that stimulates your body's sensory and fascia system naturally, you can activate and tap into this instinctive mechanism at deeper levels for greater healing, recovery, and performance. 

TRE can be taught to children and adults, individuals and families, groups, teams, classes, and businesses. It is a technique that can be learned once and used for a lifetime. Though TRE is not a replacement for a therapeutic or medical intervention, it is a wonderful complementary technique that helps support those who wish to take part in a more personalized, holistic approach when it comes to whole-body integration, nervous system health, and fascial body enhancement.

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With permission from Richard Health/TRE Australia 

What Are People Experiencing and What Are The Benefits of TRE?


  • Better Management of Stress and Physical Discomfort by working holistically across
    multiple levels of the body

  • Clearer Mind States by quieting physical symptoms, muscular stress, and tension

  • Optimizing Performance by reducing recovery times, improving heart rate reserve, and
    increasing problem-solving skills

  • Rebalancing of the Neuromyofascial System by identifying, addressing, and reorganizing
    areas of tissue restriction

  • Supportive Recovery by helping support healing following traumatic events like car accidents, giving birth, surgeries, and the loss of loved one

  • Building Resilience by switching off conscious hypervigilance and allowing more flexibility in
    unexpected situations

  • Strengthening Self-Regulation by developing a capacity to manage physical and emotional responses to stress

  • Assisting with Other Approaches and Therapies such as counseling, cognitive-based therapies,
    sports training, rehabilitation programs, and movement arts like Yoga, Personal Training, and Pilates

  • Improving Relationships by shifting the nervous system towards safer, more supported states

  • Creativity by accessing your own "flow" states and your body's own unique self-expression

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Disclaimer: Not all individuals can use TRE. It’s not a replacement for therapy or other medical treatments. Please consult with your healthcare professional prior to determine if TRE is right for you.

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