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TRE For High Performance and Athletics














Why Use TRE In Training High Performance?  TRE teaches you how to use your body's own innate natural movements to rebalance the nervous system at its core level below the level of the conscious mind.  Through intentionally evoking your body's natural recovery reflex process, you can experience a new way of training that helps you create deeper relaxation, decrease muscular stress and tension, and better recovery - all that ultimately lead to reduced risk of injury, a more balanced body, and greater levels of performance and power when you need it.

TRE supports and complements all other existing sport training types and movement approaches that including: strength & conditioning, sports specific training, balance, endurance, agility, etc.  This makes TRE a great add onto to any program you may already be using.






Why TRE Works for Athletics:   TRE only takes a few minutes to learn and is often very effective following high level training or athletic performance to return balance to help reduce stress and tension in the muscular system.  It can even be used when your energy levels are low following strenuous training or when exhausted after competitions to help restore energy quicker when needed.  TRE integrates easily into any athletic program and can provide alternatives to ice baths and other cognitively focused recovery tools such as static stretching or foam rolling.  Unlike most recovery programs, this natural process allows for a unique and personalized approach to restoring and rebalancing the nervous system when you need it.   


TRE also has capacity to release specific patterns of fascial adhesions, muscular stress, and high levels of tone in the body that sometimes occur as result of imbalances and overtraining.  Using TRE in this preventative way helps ensure your body's strength, power, and movement integrity all stay available to you throughout your performance for when you need it most. 

TRE can even help improve "flow states" and reduce performance anxiety so you can access more of those "clear-mind" states required for peak-performance.   When used as a team, TRE offers a cutting-edge neurobiological pathways for team bonding and collective cohesiveness that can even enhance flow states and communications as a whole that are central to elite performance.

With permission from Richard Health/TRE Australia 

Female Soccer Players

What Are Athletes Experiencing and What Are The Benefits of TRE?


  • STRESS MANAGEMENT:  By releasing neuromuscular tension below the level of conscious control, TRE provides an additional body-based entry point to reduce stress and performance anxiety that allows improve performance under pressure.  It can also be used immediately following training to reduce unnecessary stress and tension from being carried into next day training.

  • RECOVRY and HRV:  By working directly with the autonomic nervous system, TRE helps reduce training soreness and recovery times, improves heart rate variability, and offers additional alternative recovery training options

  • SLEEP:  TRE helps with immediate calming of the autonomic nervous system following high level performances and can be used at the end of the day to improve sleep quality and assist with falling asleep 

  • STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING:  TRE allows you to get more out of training and recovery, increase flexibility, and reduce soreness following hard training so you can avoid burnout and perform at your max 

  • DYNAMIC CORE STABILITY:  Use TRE to reduce risk of injury by decreasing competing tone and fascial restrictions and by working deeper stabilizing muscles that are are often difficult to train in isolation 

  • MINDSET:  Entrain 'flow' state to help maintain focus, decrease distractions, and improve decision making and skill performance under pressure 

  • TEAM BONDING:  Feel more connected with your team and improve collective cohesion between team members 


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