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TRE for High Performance and Athletics














Why Use TRE In Training High Performance?  TRE teaches you how to use your body's innate natural movements to rebalance the nervous system beneath the conscious mind. By intentionally evoking your own natural recovery reflex process, you create deeper relaxation, decrease muscular stress, and promote a better recovery. All of which leads to reduced risk of injury and greater levels of power and performance when you need it.

TRE complements all existing sport training types: strength & conditioning, sports specific training, balance, endurance, agility. This makes TRE a great add-on to any program you may already be using.


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Why TRE Works for Athletics:   TRE takes only a few minutes to learn. It helps by rebalancing your body and reducing muscle tension following high level training and performance. It can also be used when your energy levels are low after competitions, to help restore energy and speed recovery. 


TRE provides alternatives to ice baths and other recovery tools such as static stretching or foam rolling. Unlike other recovery programs, this natural process allows for a personalized approach to restoring your nervous system the way your body knows how.   


TRE also has capacity to release specific patterns of fascial adhesions, stiffness, and high levels of tone in the body that occur as result of postural imbalances, movement problems, and overtraining. TRE can even help improve "flow states" and reduce performance anxiety. When used as a team, TRE offers a unique pathway for bonding and collective cohesiveness - central to elite performance.

With permission from Richard Health/TRE Australia 

What Are Athletes Experiencing and What Are The Benefits of TRE?


  • Better Stress Management by releasing muscular tension below the level of conscious control 

  • Improve Recovery Time and HRV by working directly with your autonomic nervous system

  • Improved Sleep by calming the mind and body following high level training and performances 

  • Enhanced Performance Training to enhance body awareness, reduce burnout, and train peak performance at your max 

  • Enhance Dynamic Core Stability by engaging deeper stabilizing muscles that difficult to train in isolation

  • Trained Mindset that accesses 'flow' state to maintain focus, decrease distractions, and improve decision making under pressure 

  • Increase Team Bonding by using TRE together as a team


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