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Here's what some of our clients have said about Dr. Joel and Creative Pathways



“We’ve been working with Joel for over a year and we appreciate his fresh approach in working with our daughter.  We like how Joel listens and individualizes her program.” 

Becky B, Jaffrey, NH

Dr. Begin has been working with my son for over 6 years now.  He has made so much progress. He knows his body far better than other kids, understands what to do when he feels tense or upset, and has developed mature coping skills to manage any stressors that come up in the environment. Dr. Begin takes a whole child approach and makes everything fun, while thinking through appropriate goals for my son. My son is stronger and more confident as a result of his work with Dr. Begin. We look forward to every session!

– Dr. Emily CM., Keene, NH

"Dr. Begin is different from any other physical therapist either of us have ever worked with in New Hampshire. He understands how trauma can “get stuck” in the body. His approach can address that impact of traumatic experience in ways that most “talk” therapies do not address. He is a master of helping others grow their body-based regulation, which is so often what children (and adults) need to build their capacity to self-regulate and feel better."

– Dr. Cassie Y. & Doug B., 

“I worked with Joel on my school’s support team. His passion and depth of knowledge led me to him when I needed help with my own arm.  He took the time to really understand my needs, and we fully restored my arm’s capabilities!” – Jack T., Brattleboro, VT

Jack T, Brattleboro, VT

“I have been working with Joel for over a year now and am amazed with the results I have seen. I am a cancer survivor and to remove the tumor, I had a forequarter amputation of my right arm and chest wall in 2016. I came to Joel because after previous physical therapy, massage therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and chiropractic care, I was not getting relief from this tightness, nerve pain, and phantom sensation in the area that was amputated.  After several sessions, I noticed that that tightness and “loud” nerve sensation, starting to change. I now have a daily routine where I incorporate the things I have learned. I allow my body to tell me where it wants to go and what it needs. I feel more connected with my body and have a better understanding of how energy moves through me.”

Alicia B,  Concord, NH

"Our teenager found Dr. Joel to be super approachable and engaging. His approach with their sensory sensitivities helped them to be more comfortable in situations that were previously overwhelming. He ensures parents are included and understand the process."

– Parents of a kiddo with sensory sensitivities, NH

"Joel is not only gentle, but smart. He took the time to explain to me how my muscular system worked, so that I would better understand my injury and the healing process."

Craig G, Concord, NH

As a client of Joel's who’s also a trauma therapist, I cannot say enough positive things about him. I’ve worked with half a dozen other physical therapists in the past, and Joel is truly a cut above. His advanced knowledge in the area of brain-body connection and his holistic way of working is nothing short of revolutionary. Joel understands how emotional trauma relates to the physical body, and is skilled at creating an environment of trust and safety. When I had some difficult emotions come up, he was able to be present and hold space for me in a way that was reassuring and non-judgmental. 

Anna C, Rochester, NH

"I use TRE 2-3 times a week and have seen a significant improvement in my Deep and REM sleep after the TRE Sessions!  Looking forward to it's continued use and learning more!"

–Eric R, Goffstown, NH

"I saw Joel for assistance with persistent knee and low back pain after being frustrated by results from several other providers. After following his guidance, I am pain free."

John S, Bow NH

“TRE allows me to feel like I do after an hour of Yoga when in Savasana, but without all the work to get there!”

Ann-Marie R, Concord, NH

“After feeling frustrated that no other therapies were helping my running injury, I was thankful to be introduced by Joel to TRE. I’m running stronger than ever.”

– Chris, Jaffrey, NH

It is very fun working with Dr. Joel. We do a lot of things that have to do with balance and we play games and come up with all different ways to play them. He has given me all different kinds of techniques for the sports that I play such as goalie and snowboarding. We have come up with all different kinds of ways to stretch out our bodies and prepare them for things that are coming up ahead!

– Jack M., Keene NH (age 9)

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