A Program Dedicated to Helping Kids Move Well Way Into the Future

Is Playstate program right for me or my child?  Do you feel your child is needing help to connect more with their body and the world around them?  Are you looking for a program that focus on the strengths rather than weaknesses and that focuses on creating new connections, self-discovery, and creativity?  Are you looking for a program that is sensitive to your child's needs and learning styles and that is also dedicated to helping them develop safe and healthy movement relationships.


What is Playstate:   Playstate is sensory and movement based curriculum that is dedicated to helping your child ultimately create and co-design their own unique organic movement practice through experiential learning, games, and play.  Though the exposure of a broad array of different ways a child can feel, interact, and respond with their body's natural movement and sensory processes, we create these experiences together to help them discover and develop their own unique vocabulary and body map.  These rich sensory experiences help a child's mind an body to become more connected and see deeper relationships that occur within their body and when interacting with the environment around them.  Overtime, the emergence of ones creativity, sensitivities, familiarities, boundaries, and self-regulatory strategies become easier to see common relationships between as well as interact with successfully .  


Through an ongoing and continuously supportive process that offers choice and flexibility at every step, we begin to help your child experience how to feel empowered when taking a sense of ownership when caring for their bodies by using what they see work right in front of them and during these play experiences.  In this case, we help use play to also show how it can become future strategies for problem solving and conflict resolution.   This program places emphasis on helping the child to develop positive relationships while at the same time see the gifts and natural intelligences that their body's has to offer them. 



Consultations, Sessions:  $75 per 50 min. session