Pediatric Physical Therapy

Is Physical Therapy right for my child?  Has your child experienced an physical injury or has been diagnosed with a disability that makes moving uncomfortable, challenging, or unsafe?  Has your child been given a diagnosis that your not sure how to manage or are concerned may disrupt or impede their natural growth and development process?  Are you looking for a more integrated level of care that will continue to work with you and your child as long as they need help?  We can help.

What's Included:   My ultimate goal is to provide you and your child the direct physical therapy care, training, and tools to successfully tackle and manage the challenges that inevitably come with new injury, disease, and/or complicated growth and developmental problems.  This includes making sure you have the most up to date information, support, and training on how to successfully set up your child's environment for the best healing possible.   By providing hands on body work, sensory-based movement training, and home-care management that is tailored to both you and your child's learning style, interests, and comfort level, we can facilitate the healing process needed to allow for proper integration early on.   


If you think your you or your child may benefit from physical therapy services, we encourage you and your child to access our free consultation option prior to setting up an evaluation so you can ask any questions and feel good about your first visit with us.

We also offer services outdoors in our nature based areas where your child can have access to our trails, climbing features, and other various fun landscapes.   

If you're unsure if you or your child may need help, please feel free to call or email to talk to us more.  We are here to help.

Services we provide:

  • Free 15-30  minute Consultation via phone or telehealth BEFORE getting started

  • Clean, low foot traffic environment limited to one patient and family at time

  • All evaluation and treatments provided by Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • A full-body comprehensive neuromyofascial approach that assess movement patterning, growth, and development

  • 1-to-1 manual therapy care

  • Therapeutic Exercise Program Design

  • Self-Care Instruction for both child and families

  • On-going evaluation and consultation

  • Available outdoor nature-based play therapy areas

  • Telehealth availability in conjunction with onsite treatments


Sliding Scale Cash-Based Physical Therapy

Initial 75 minute Evaluation (includes treatment): $110 

Treatment Session:  $75 per 50-60 minutes session