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TRE Combined with Fitness and Bodywork Training













What is TRE?  TRE is a simple technique that can be used in conjunction with your current fitness training or bodywork training program and can immediately be use to unlock the health benefits associated with interacting with your body's natural neurogenic tremoring and reflexive movement process.  Whether on your own, or in collaboration with your coach, trainer, health and fitness specialist, or bodyworker, the TRE process can be used to help enhance the work you do to your body, add new exciting health promoting benefits to your already existing training, and help explore  movement and sensations in a whole new way without changing anything you already love doing now.


Yoga on the Beach

With permission from Richard Health/TRE Australia 

Why TRE Works:   TRE can be used in a variety of different fitness and movement-based models where strength, stretching, and bodywork are being performed.  And because the movements TRE produces are naturally and reflexively generated by you, they can be appropriately monitored and regulated by you so you can decide when, how much (or how little), and just where you place this unique process into your workout or session.  This can help not only bring new levels of support and training to your already existing routine,  but can also bring in a new level of spontaneity, creativity and integration that can sometimes be missing. 


Because TRE works as a "bottom up' technique, it does not interfere with other "top-down" training techniques, forms, or training methods you are using with your body.  In fact, it can help enhance them.  You can use TRE before you train, after a class, or even simultaneously with your bodywork session to gain benefits.  TRE works well when combined with other methods that bring awareness to the body such as movement based exercise, yoga, corrective exercise, self stretches, self-massage, strength exercises, poses, self-mobilizations, and other bodywork techniques.  It requires no modification or changing of your current training, and many using it find it a wonderful addition for added strength and mobility gains as well as improved recovery.  It is easy to incorporate once learned, and requires only minimal focus to use.  TRE can also be used as a highly effective active rest technique when used as a stand alone in between training. 




How Do I Learn To Use TRE In My Personal Training Experience?  TRE can be combined with most movement training and methods well once self-regulation is learned.  In many cases, it can be a very helpful to learn how to successfully engage with the TRE process first and spend some time learning how your body relates to the process before combining simultaneously.  A TRE provider can help provide you with the knowledge on how to stay safe and effective, as well as how to integrate both TRE and your movement based training or bodywork together successfully.   Often, many find the process of combining both TRE and other skills, techniques, and methods (that in some instances individuals have used for years) to be very exciting often providing a brand new level of performance and fitness training. 

TRE, because the process is naturally produced, is generally safe to use immediately by itself and on your own as your own self-care tool once you are comfortable with the technique.  Using TRE without proper training or without proper self-regulation however may have risks and can even lead to self-injury.  Even though this is very rare, it can occur because you are working with your body's autonomic nervous system and at subconscious reflexive levels, which involves faster processing speeds and also some unexpected surprises - many of which who practice TRE regularly have come to love about the self discovery nature of it all.   At this level, it is a good idea to know your body's limitations, boundaries, strengths, and capabilities to allow safe and successful training.  All of these things will be addressed and reviewed in greater detail when you learn first learn TRE to ensure you get the most out of your experience when working with us. 

CrossFit Jumps


What Type of Training Can I Use TRE with specificallyTRE can be used in conjunction with ANY type of movement based or bodywork based exercise.  In many cases individuals will use TRE either before or after to gain its benefits, but it can also be used simultaneously with things like massage, strength training, sound healing, yoga, stretching, cupping, or other forms of bodywork.  This can offer a very new integratory approach to your own routine that other traditional based methods and techniques may not be able to do.  This is one of the hallmarks of TRE, and what makes it very different than most 'top down" or cognitive based training methods that we see on the market.  It works with what you work with already and expands on it. 


I Have Specific Goals I Am Working Towards and Need To Stay Focused, Can TRE Help?  Yes and it does not veer you off your path at all and can actually help provide greater mental clarity and focus.  Those who are using TRE continue to report overall positive changes in strength, mobility, energy, mood, sleep, stress, and even heart rate variability without directly working on any of these things!  Individuals also report longer periods of maintenance following the cessation of training when using TRE in combination with specific types of performance training like running and athletic mobility training.


TRE is similar to other types of movement and wellness training models where there is a learning curve involved and also brings with it a "when" and "how much" to dose your body based on your needs.  Because each person responds differently with TRE usage, and progress at different rates, it can be helpful for a TRE provide to help you determine what may make most sense to start off with.  Eventually as you get more familiar with the process, you will find it easier and easier to determine the exact level of dosage that works best for you in the given moment to get the gains and benefits that come with combing TRE into your already existing training program or bodywork session.

Yoga Class for all Ages


I Take Classes.  Will TRE Still Be Helpful and How Could I Use?  Absolutely.  In some cases, individuals may choose to engage with their TRE process during or following their class to allow greater self regulation, enhance recovery, or allow further integration of the movement training.  Some may even choose to prepare their body for a class by doing it prior to enhance mental clarity. 




What If I Have A History of Trauma, Injury, or Concern?  For individuals with histories of trauma, training injuries, or other chronic conditions that cause symptom sensitivity, TRE can be a wonderful tool that provides you with very new and exciting way to not only work with your body's specific needs, but also work in new ways that helps supports your body's unique history while moving.  In some cases, working directly with a TRE provider can be beneficial to show you just how you modify TRE for your body, so you can feel confident and comfortable every step of the way when using and incorporating TRE into your current fitness program.

We also screen and chat with all individuals and families prior to implementing all of our services including TRE.  If you think you are dealing with an injury or condition that may first need better clarifying, management, or discussion surrounding how to stay safe when using TRE, it's always good to undergo a physical therapy evaluation before hand to help get more knowledge surrounding your condition so you can be successful.  TRE, just like any form of movement based training, when used inappropriately can lead to an overwhelming experience with the nervous system, robbing you of the associated health benefits many have come to enjoy about working with their body in such a unique way. We can also discuss whether TRE is appropriate or should be held off until other medical priorities are first addressed.  In any event, are goal is to make sure you have fun as well as successful experience with TRE.  


I Am A Fitness Instructor Or Health Specialist. How Can I Bring TRE To My Clients or Class?  We absolutely love helping people combine TRE with other movement specialties and teaching groups! TRE can often be taught to your client or class in one day, allowing individuals immediate access to it's health benefits so they can be incorporated right into their current program as they see best fit.  Once an individual is safe and confident with their abilities to regulate the process, you can allow individuals to use this process in unique and creative ways with the supportive specialty training you already provide.  TRE also has some very unique characteristics that can come into play when multiple people from the same class engage in the process together which makes this process very exciting bring to group environments.  We are all connected. 


TRE may not be for everyone and in certain cases, some individuals may benefit from a more one-on-one training setting first with a TRE provider BEFORE combining TRE with other movement based or bodywork therapies or before entering into a class based setting.  We often find groups that already train together to have very little difficulty in learning as a group.  As we work towards bringing greater awareness to the community and making the TRE process more accessible to the public, we value the relationships with professionals like yourself and often offer discounts to already established fitness groups and clients of specialists in the community.  Please reach out if you are interested in finding out more on how we can share TRE with you and your clients and use creatively together!



How Do I Find Out More?  TRE is still new to the United States and is in it's early stages of growth and development still.  As a result, many doctors and health professionals are still learning about the associated benefits associated with the TRE process as well as other spontaneous movement based methods.  With that said, there continues to be more research and even more happy stories of people who are discovering unique and exciting ways to use TRE in their lives to better their health and train more naturally. 


We are more than happy to set up a time prior to discuss the benefits of TRE and to help determine if you may benefit from learning TRE at this time.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding in the meantime here.  We look forward to sharing the benefits of TRE practice with you soon!


What Are People Experiencing and What Are The Benefits of TRE?


  • STRESS MANAGEMENT By releasing neuromuscular tension below the level of conscious control during movement training, TRE provides an additional body-based entry point that improves performance.  It can also be used before, during, or immediately following training to reduce unnecessary stress and tension.

  • SAFE AND EASY TO LEARN so you can feel comfortable and confident incorporating immediately into your already existing training program in new and exciting ways 

  • REDUCE SORENESS:  TRE allows you to get more out of training performance and reduce soreness following hard training so you can avoid burnout and train at your max 

  • MOVEMENT CREATION AND VARIATION: by down-regulating the nervous system you can access new movements and variations of training forms that help your body better balance, connect, and feel supported

  • DYNAMIC CORE STABILITY:  Use TRE to reduce risk of injury by decreasing competing tone and fascial restrictions and by working deeper stabilizing muscles that are are often difficult to train in isolation 

  • MINDSET:  Entrain 'flow' state to help maintain focus, decrease distractions, and improve decision making and skill performance under pressure 

  • GROUP BONDING:  Use and share with friends, feel more connected with your group and improve collective cohesion between group members when used simultaneously together before, during, or after training


****Not all individuals are suitable for use of TRE.  TRE is not a replacement for therapy or other medical treatments.  Please consult with your healthcare professional prior to determine if TRE is appropriate for you.******

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