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TRE Combined with Fitness and Bodywork Training













TRE is a simple technique that can be used in conjunction with your current fitness training or bodywork program. It unlocks the health benefits associated with interacting with your body's natural neurogenic tremoring and reflexive movements. Whether on your own or in collaboration with your coach, trainer, or health and fitness specialist, you can enhance the work you do to your body, exploring movements and sensations in a whole new way without changing what you’re doing now.

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With permission from Richard Health/TRE Australia 

Why TRE Works:   

TRE works as a "bottom up" technique.  "Bottom-up" techniques often use the wisdom of the body's sensations and movements to work with the body's fascia and connective tissue.  This process occur without us even being conscious.  In other words the pre-frontal cortex, that you use with "top-down" techniques that tells the body on how to move, like personal training, yoga,  or Pilates, is not involved. 


Combining TRE with other types of fitness, or "top-down" training, allow you to create a unique experience that can help enhance your routine. You can use TRE before you train, after a class, or even simultaneously with your bodywork session. TRE works well with movement-based exercise, yoga, corrective exercise, self-stretches, self-massage, strength exercises, poses, self-mobilizations, and other techniques. It’s easy to incorporate once learned, and requires only minimal focus to use. It can also be used as a highly effective active rest technique between training.  




How Do I Learn To Use TRE In My Personal Training Experience?  

It’s best to learn the TRE process first before combining it with your workout. We can provide you with the knowledge on how to do that. TRE is generally safe to use as a self-care tool once you’re comfortable with the technique. We can help you find your body's limitations, strengths, and capabilities so that you can use TRE safely and effectively.

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I Have Specific Goals I Am Working Towards: Can TRE Help? 

Yes, and it will not veer you off your path. It can actually help provide greater mental clarity and focus. Those who are using TRE continue to report overall positive changes in strength, mobility, energy, mood, sleep, stress, and even heart rate variability! Individuals also report longer periods of maintenance following the cessation of training when using TRE in combination with specific types of training, like running and athletic mobility training.

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I Take Fitness Classes.  Will TRE Still Be Helpful and How Could I Use? 

Absolutely. In some cases, individuals may choose to use TRE during or following their class to allow greater self-regulation, recovery, and integration of movement training. Some may even choose to use it prior to class, to enhance mental clarity. 




What If I Have A History of Trauma or Injury?  

For individuals with trauma, training injuries, or other chronic conditions, TRE is a wonderful tool that provides you with a new and exciting way to work with your body's unique history while moving. We can show you how you modify TRE for your own body, so you can feel confident and comfortable every step of the way.


It’s always good to undergo a physical therapy evaluation to get more knowledge about your condition so you can be successful. TRE, like any form of movement-based training, when used inappropriately can lead to an overwhelming experience with the nervous system, robbing you of its health benefits. We can discuss whether TRE is appropriate for you, or should be held off until other medical priorities are addressed. Our goal is to make sure you have a fun and successful experience with TRE.


I Am A Fitness Instructor Or Health Specialist. How Can I Bring TRE To My Clients or Class? 

We love helping people combine TRE with other movement specialties and classes! We can often teach TRE in one session, allowing individuals immediate access to its health benefits. TRE has some very unique characteristics that can come into play when multiple people from the same class engage in the process together. We often find that groups that already train together to have little difficulty in learning TRE as a group. As we work towards bringing greater awareness to the community and making the TRE process more accessible, we value relationships with professionals like yourself and often offer discounts to already established fitness groups and clients of specialists in the community! Please reach out if you are interested in learning how we can share TRE with you and work creatively together.



How Do I Find Out More?  

TRE is still new to the United States and is in its early stages of growth and development. As a result, many doctors and health professionals are still learning about the benefits of TRE and other spontaneous movement-based methods. There continue to be research and happy stories of people who are discovering unique and exciting ways to use TRE to better their health and training more naturally. 

We are happy to set up a time to discuss the benefits of TRE. Please contact us here. We look forward to sharing TRE with you!


What Are The Benefits of TRE?


  • Stress Management by releasing neuromuscular tension below the level of conscious control

  • Safe and Easy to Learn so you can incorporate it into your already existing training program 

  • Reduce Soreness  so you can avoid burnout and train at your max  

  • Train More Effective by calming the nervous system before training to achieve bodily better balance, connection, and support

  • Enhance Core Stability by decreasing competing tone and fascial restrictions and by working deeper stabilizing muscles that are difficult to train in isolation  

  • Better Mindset  to help maintain focus, decrease distractions, and improve performance 

  • Group Bonding  when used together before, during, or after training



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