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TRE For Children and Parents 

Parent and Child

What is TRE?  TRE teaches children and parents a simple, body-based exercise that evokes a natural tremoring process. The spontaneous movements the body creates in TRE are generated by our reflex system and provide de-stressing, support, re-balancing, and restoration following stressful days or adventurous play. Best of all, TRE is something children and parents can do together, with each person tending to their own level of need simultaneously. As a parent, you will have a unique opportunity to normalize self-care behavior with your child. 

With permission from Richard Health/TRE Australia 

Why TRE Works For Children:   Many children already use TRE’s mechanism naturally, but we can make them aware of it, so they can use it at their discretion. Learning how to work with a body’s spontaneous movements is an empowering experience for a child, so they know they can restore a general sense of ease, clarity, and wellbeing with just a couple minutes of work.


Life as a kid can be stressful, and TRE helps your child safely and easily release stress that gets in the way of feeling safe, comfortable, and present. It can also help manage impulsive and dysregulated behavior at home and in the classroom. TRE enhances recovery and sleep, reduces anxiety, and improves concentration when it comes to doing homework. When used more regularly, TRE can even help your child to improve creativity, due to its accessibility to "flow states" that help a child become more flexible and successful with working with changes in their environment. All these benefits, of course, are also available for the parent who uses TRE.


In fact, TRE works great when shared with family, and it promotes cohesiveness and openness. Some children may want to use TRE on their own, but others may wish to share the experience with a parent or sibling. Very young children can experience benefits by sharing TRE with a parent through direct contact. Because it’s based on natural physiological responses shared by all human beings, TRE promotes connection while still allowing each individual’s unique experience to be highlighted and incorporated.



Mother and Son

With permission from Richard Health/TRE Australia 

What Are The Benefits of TRE?


  • Clarity and Helping Kids Come Back to Present by releasing muscular tension that causes distraction and fatigue

  • Improving Relationships by shifting the nervous system towards more safe, secure, and relational states

  • Better Listening by reducing distractions from an overprotected and overstimulated nervous system

  • Rebalancing of the Nervous System by following the body instead of cognitively directing it 

  • Supportive Recovery by calming the nervous system and switching off hypervigilance

  • Building Resilience by down-regulating the nervous system and switching off hypervigilance

  • Strengthening Self-Regulation by developing a greater capacity to deal with unpredictable changes

  • Aiding Other Therapies and Physical Exercise such as counseling, cognitive-based therapies, mindfulness, bodywork, rehabilitation programs, and other movement arts like yoga and Pilates    

  • Optimizing Performance by reducing fatigue, improving performance, and increasing problem-solving skills.

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