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Healing Chronic Body Pain 
Multi-System Approach for Helping Children and Adults Heal Easier


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Is This Program Right for Me Or My Child?  Did you or your child have pain in areas of the body that has been lingering for longer than three months? Are you finding it frustrating to deal with every day demands or unable to get back to enjoy your body the way you know is possible? Does your pain come and go, change in symptoms, or show up unexpectedly?  These are all signs of a nervous system that may be demonstrating difficulty finding a new balance, and we can help.

Recovery for Chronic Pain:  Let's not beat around the bush, chronic pain sucks. It doesn't matter if it's lower back, knees, head, or feet. There's nothing chronic pain brings to the table that makes holding on to it a good thing. For some it gets in the way of enjoying movement; it can keep you up at night; or even getting in the way of taking care of yourself and others. Not to mention, the ongoing alert signals pain sends to the brain that continuously adds to a body's stress levels causing it almost impossible to get out of this spiral.     

We are not experts on getting rid of pain, but we are experts when it comes to helping you rewire the brain and restore healthy movement. In may cases, these two areas when used together, can have tremendous impact on quality of life that helps make living with chronic pain much easier and manageable. On average 20% of the population experiences chronic pain daily. When asking men and women about back pain, 30% report having it in the last three months. 


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Sensorimotor Reorganization:  When it comes to healing from chronic pain, we work both the sensory system and the motor system. Together, these systems make up your Sensorimotor system. While most programs deal with methods to cure pain, we focus on rewiring it. This program is highly adaptable to your condition and needs. It is also flexible and designed to meet you where your current energy levels are, even if they change daily. In addition to our regular services, we also focus on a few other key wellness areas that include breathwork, nutritional recommendations, sleep, and how to strategically include active rest to your daily routine so you start feeling better faster.  


Specifically we focus on the following components in our Covid-19 program:


  • Pain & Symptom Management

  • Sleep & Rest Program

  • Anti-inflammatory and Nutritional Recommendations

  • Fascia Health, Tissue Renewal, and Hydration

  • Breathwork & Mindfulness

  • Safe & Sound Protocol

  • Self-care Techniques including Fascial Unwinding & Neurogenic Tremoring

  • Calming & Strengthening Vagus Nerve

  • Vestibular System & Vision Reorganization

  • Movement and Sensation Reorganization

  • Muscular Strength Building

  • Cardiovascular Endurance & Resilience

  • Work Space Set Up & Work Efficiency 

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We Provide:

  • Free consultation to discuss your situation BEFORE your first session

  • Onsite or remote services

  • 60-75 minute for Treatments and Program Training

  • Ongoing Consultation Available throughout Program

Other Symptoms Sometimes Associated With Long Haul Covid-19 we help treat:

  • Excess Sweating

  • Getting full Quickly

  • Heat Intolerance

  • Importance

  • Dizziness or Fainting after standing up

  • Cognitive Dysfunction

  • Post-exertional Malaise

  • Chest Pain

  • Heart Problems

  • Nerve Pain

  • Extreme Fatigue

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Depression

  • Neuropathic Pain

  • Numbness

  • Tingling

  • Unusual Sensations

  • Balance Problems

  • Pain with Light Touch

  • Muscle Cramping

  • Twitching

  • Reflex Abnormalities

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