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Health and Fitness Training

Is Health and Fitness Training right for me or my child?  Are you looking for a fitness and wellness based program that can help you or your child start moving and feeling better?  Do you or your child have a health condition, disability, or condition that requires a higher level of care and attention that makes movement training, exercising, and engaging in recreation difficult?   Are you looking for a individualized program that can help you or your child reach their health and fitness goals that also works with all the other body needs along the way ? 

Having a diagnosis can act as a double edge sword.  In one instance, it allows us to know that a different and and specialized approach is required so we can be successful.  On another, hand, it can prevent a child (or adult) from being exposed to a broader sense of experiences for the risk of fear or injury and can hold a child back from reaching their fullest potential.

What's Included?  At the heart of this wellness program it is all about creating safe, fun, long lasting, and healthy relationships with your body, movement, and exercise, period.  With that said, there has been no better time in history where making sure you stay healthy and managing stress well can help support you or your child's physical and mental wellbeing.  When it comes to experiencing the benefits of exercise, sensitivities and physical symptoms are largely important to helping guide the process of transformation towards success.  As a result, I decided to create a program especially for this that is designed to provide you with both the 

Through age appropriate play, games, and fun exercise training, we can help you or your child to exercise and experience movement in the body in the ways that help build:  mobility, balance, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, body-awareness, movement regulation, self-care capacities and more. 

All training is facilitated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and successfully matched with the skill level, cognitive and developmental levels, and interests of the child and family.  In addition, we also offer this training throughout our 16-acre outdoor recreational areas for those interested in a more natural nature-based experience.

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