Health and Fitness Training

Is Health and Fitness Training right for me or my child?  Are you looking for a program that helps you or your child get started on the right foot with developing a healthy, fun, and successful relationship with their body, being physically active, and exercise?  Do you or your child have a disability or condition that makes it challenging to exercise and/or keep a routine going and interesting?  Are you looking for a specific program that can help you successfully conquer a long-term fitness goal, reduce stress, limit risks of future injuries, and boost immunity while having fun all in the same place?

What's Included?  At the heart of this Health and Fitness Training program, it is all about creating fun, long lasting, and healthy relationships with movement and exercise, period.  With that said, there has been no other time in history where we have had SO many options to choose from when it comes to getting started!  This can be overwhelming and is also why we decided to break it down in a way so you can essentially decide which path or direction you want to take your fitness training.  

Through age appropriate play, games, and fun exercise training, we can help you or your child to exercise and experience movement in the body in the ways that help build:  mobility, balance, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, body-awareness, movement regulation, self-care capacities and more.  The research supports that we are performing most optimally when a body has the capacity to demonstrate confidence and success at multiple levels of movement behavior, not just one.  So with this in mind, why not play around with all of them!


All training experiences are fun and encourage choice and flexibility at every step of the way!  Creating, exploring, or even rediscovering the playful (and sometimes weird and silly) ways our body's welcome this change can be a thrilling experience and a memory that let's this health promoting behavior continue throughout a lifetime into adulthood.  

All training will be facilitated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and successfully matched with the skill level, cognitive and developmental levels, and interests of the child and family.  In addition, we also offer this training throughout our 16-acre outdoor recreational areas for those interested in a more natural nature-based experience.

Services we provide:​

  • Consultations services available 

  • Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced level movement training options

  • Individual, Family, Adults, and Small Group options 

  • Self Paced, Flexible, and Individually Tailored Health and Fitness Program Design

  • Play-Oriented Exercise Model

  • Indoor and Outdoor Nature -based training 



Session:  $75 per 50-60 min. session