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Wellness Packages

For those who like to mix and match or want to take a deeper dive into their health and training, we offer a variety of discounted wellness packages
Contact us and let us know how we can help find what may best fit you or your child

Five Hours of SSP and Coaching
Restore calmness to the body and rebalance your nervous by listening to specially filtered music designed to stimulate the vagus nerve and middle ear muscles.  Get all the guidance and support you need along the way while also being able to deliver while at home and with your child. Great for kids and adults with sensitive nervous systems

Two, one-to-one guided sessions with SSP
Five hours of music listening with provider support and monitoring

Total Discounted Cost:   $570.00

TRE Five or 10 Series 
Our Five Series and 10 Series provides you with how to use your body's natural "neurogenic tremoring" process to rebalance the nervous system and release chronic stress, tension and trauma. But it doesn't stop there. Further your ability to unlock and access deeper areas of your body's healing and creative energy by learning how to stimulate your fascial system by using myofascial hands-on strategies, neurodevelopmental postures, bodywork, self-care tools, and other mind-based techniques. Great for children and adults looking for a more thorough approach that helps bridge the body's nervous system and fascial systems when using TRE.  

Five one-hour guided sessions of TRE, movement, and self-bodywork training
Remote or on-site

Total Discounted Cost
Total Discounted Cost:  $610.00

10 one-hour guided sessions of TRE, movement, and self-bodywork training
Remote or On-site

Total Discounted Cost:   $1215.00

Bodywork 10 Series 
Help your body address chronically "stuck" areas, rapidly decrease chronic tissue stiffness, and restore your fascial health to optimal levels.  Experience the different types of fascial-oriented methods and techniques that can help you or your child to feel better supported and integrated in their body through stimulation of the fascial system. Learn how bodywork can change your mood, enhance performance, and reduce stress and soreness when you need it most. Great for children and adults to improve bodily awareness, mobility, and emotional wellbeing.   

10 fifty-minute sessions of bodywork
Total Discounted Cost:  $1250

10 eighty-minute sessions of bodywork
Total Discounted Cost:   $1925.00

Fitness Training 10 Series 
Learn how to train your body and develop more available energy in your life  when setting fitness and wellness goals.  Learn to use your whole body more effectively and efficiently when working on things like endurance, balance, flexibility, self-care, and mind-body connection.  Great for all ages, kids, and adults looking to improve general health and mobility through exercise.

10 one-hour guided sessions of Fitness Training
On-site and Remote

Total Discounted Cost:   $1215

Neuroplasticity 10 Series 
Learn how to use both sensory and movement based techniques together in creative ways that focus on rewiring the brain and healing the autonomic nervous system when addressing developmental disorders, chronic disease, brain dysfunction, tremors and muscle spasming, and retained reflexes. This program teaches you or your child how to use multi-sensory based approach that uses all the body's senses to create new healthy pathways in the brain and body. Great for all ages and learning abilities for new creative ways to optimize brain health, development, and creativity.

10 one-hour guided sessions of Personal Training

Total Discounted Cost:   $1215

SSP & Neuroplasticity Training
Use specially filtered music to stimulate your vagus nerve and prime the nervous system for more effective sensorimotor and somatic integration. Rewire the body and nervous system through a multisensory program that helps create new healthy connections that last. Great for children with developmental disorders and adults with neurological/autoimmune conditions.

Five hours of SSP (onsite with monitoring)
10 Sessions of Neuroplasticity, Sensorimotor, and Primitive Reflex Training

Total Discounted Cost:   $1415

Enhancing your healing experiencing by using both specially filtered music and "neurogenic tremoring" together to stimulate the vagus nerve and rebalance your nervous system. Let SSP and TRE work together to help heal and restore areas of your body that have experienced chronic tension, stress, or trauma. Great for children and adults with under and over-active nervous systems and with history of trauma.

Five hours of SSP listening (self paced with remote supervision and coaching)
10 one-hour guided sessions of TRE

Total Discounted Cost:   $1785

TRE & Bodywork
Experience how "neurogenic tremoring" and bodywork can be used together in unique ways that takes your self-care and performance to the next level. Combine TRE and bodywork together for the ultimate experience of hands-on and DIY fascial stimulation that helps rebalance the nervous system and fascial system together. Great for children, adults, athletes, and artists.

10 sessions of thirty-minutes of body work and thirty-minutes of guided TRE following
Total Discounted Cost:   $1250

10 sessions of fifty-
minute Bodywork and forty-minutes of guided TRE 
Total Discounted Cost:   $1885
SSP, TRE, Fitness Training, and Bodywork 
Give your nervous system and body a well-rounded healing, sensorimotor integration, and movement training experience.  Calm the nervous system, restore tissue health, unwind the body's history of trauma, and create a enjoyable fitness and exercise program.

Five hours of SSP (two sessions with guidance onsite/self-administered with monitoring)
Five fifty-minute sessions of Bodywork 
10 one-hour sessions of combine TRE and Fitness

Total Discounted Cost:   $2455

SSP, Neuroplasticity Training, and Bodywork 
(for Parents)
Learn the tools you need and how deliver SSP,  Neuroplasticity Training Techniques, and Bodywork to your child to allow their rebalance to rebalance and their body to change. Directly address sensory dysfunction and overactive and underactive nervous system problems head on with our guidance and one-on-one training. Great for parents and caretakers who know their child's potential and want a more intensive and comprehensive approach to healing.

Five hours of SSP (two sessions onsite with therapist/parent-administered with guidance)
10 forty-minute sessions of applied bodywork and forty-five minute session of Neuroplasticity Training with child and parents (total 1.5 hour session)
Ongoing communication and monitoring

Total Discounted Cost:   $2455

SSP, TRE, Fitness Training, Neuroplasticity Training and Bodywork 
Combine all of our services into one thorough program for you or your child that delivers the ultimate body care and nervous system integration experience. Address long histories of injuries or trauma, rebalance the nervous system, restore the body's tissue health with hands-on (or hands-off bodywork), and create a movement program that helps build back your energy and maintain it for good. Great for individuals needing a more comprehensive approach to trauma healing but also anyone looking to work at deeper levels of fascial training and autonomic nervous system to enhance health, creativity, and wellness performance.

Five hours of SSP (self-administered with guidance)
Five 50 minute sessions of Bodywork 
Five one-hour sessions of TRE
Five one-hour sessions of Personal Training
Five one-hour sessions of Neuroplasticity Training and Movement Integration

Total Discounted Cost:   $3135

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